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Osby Parca Trio Trio_300x337

For oil, gas, bio-oil and bio-gas, 55—1900 kW

Osby Parca Trio Boiler Unit

The Osby Parca Trio is a highly efficient, welded 3-pass boiler with low emissions intended for oil, gas, bio-oil, and bio-gas. The boiler is built so that the flame gets more compact and shorter, this reduces the time that the flame stays in the high temperature zone. The construction also allows for better flame cooling by the wet surfaces and a reduction of the NOx emissions.

The flue gas tubes are extended over the plate so that a ”fin-effect” that redirects the heat to the welding seams is created, a feature that stops condensation from appearing, and absorbs the condensation that appears — with less condensation the boiler life span is improved. The convection part of the boiler is equipped with flue gas tubes including turbulators that guarantee optimal heat exchange.

Advantages With The Osby Parca Trio:Osby Parca Trio English LOW

• High efficiency (>91,5%)
• Low emissions
• Turbulators for optimal heat exchange into the flue gas pipes
• Boiler door insulated with ceramic fibre which increases the boiler life  span and reduces the radiation heat losses
• Patented “fin”-effect on the welding seams of the flue gas tubes helps preventing boiler condensation
• Insulated flue gas chamber with double wall that reduces thermal losses.


The control panel has been developed according to current regulations and comes in standard appearance with the following equipment:

Control panel — Osby Parca Trio. Denomination

 Osby Parca Trio English LOW-1

  1. Main switch
  2. Safety thermostat
  3. Boiler thermometer
  4. Main fuse
  5. Switch, burner
  6. Switch, pump
  7. 2-stage operating thermostat
  8. Thermo regulator (optional)

Technical data — Trio 65-85 kW

Technical data — Trio 110-380 kW

Technical data — Trio 500-840 kW

Technical data — Trio 1100-1900 kW

Osby Parca Trio Options

Safety equipment

Osby Parca Trio English LOW-8


     The safety equipment includes:

     Circulation system

  1. Safety valve
  2. Flow control
  3. Emergency trip
  4. Pressure gauge
  5. Manometer
  6. Deareator
  7. Water tap valve
  8. Emergency trip sensor